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Burning Land is a permanent settlement based on the ten principles of Burning Man. It is not an attempt to make a permanent version of the Burning Man festival. Such a creation would be economically, environmentally and socially unsustainable.

The objective is to acquire a piece of farmland in Southern Europe, most likely in Spain or Portugal, with existing buildings and water supply. Then the project will enter a process to slowly move this little settlement closer towards self-reliance. It is not the goal to completely disconnect from society, but to reduce reliance on it.

To begin with, the farm will have 4–5 inhabitants sharing the same set of core values.

Once established, the settlement will grow parts of the food and generate parts of the electricity it needs. It will also provide a platform for undertaking different creative projects to provide the income needed for additional expenses.

For more information, check out the project synopsis, like us on Facebook or contact us at

Dust & love
Björn W Nauclér


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When I was nine years old I was living with my parents and three younger siblings in a red wooden house in the north of Sweden. One day, after an argument with my parents, I climbed out of my bedroom window, onto the roof of the house, and explained to them that the roof was now my own country; I was untouchable. For some reason, still unknown to this date, they endorsed this action, and my country grew into two inhabitants as my best friend was granted citizenship, and got it’s own flag and national anthem.

And then, quite a few years later, I found myself in the middle of an old dried out lake, surrounded with people playing with lasers and giving each other free drinks. Finally a place where everything goes as long as nobody gets hurt. How hard could it be to always live like that? Well, hard, society tells us.

During these last few months, I mixed these dreams with others, putting them all in the same big pot and stirred around without having any idea of what might come out of it.

I want to combine my dreams for real. Creating my own nation, because I can. Living life according to the principles that I hold dear. Living a healthier life and making every second count a little bit more. A Burning Land.

To do this; I will gather a group of like-minded individuals, acquire a piece of farmland, raise some money, build houses and art, create a business model, grow food, farm bees, cook diesel, arrange parties and make magic happen.

How hard can it be?

Dust & love
Björn W Nauclér



Many have asked how they can contribute to the creation of Burning Land. Giving everyone who would like to participate the option to do so is in the very core of our philosophy, no matter what your skills are and where in the world you are based. Contact us and we will make sure to find the perfect fit. Our current activities are:
1. Identifying the future inhabitants of Burning Land

Where can we find them? How do we know that they are the right people? How can we transform this group to a team? – You can help us by spreading the word, helping us to design processes for securing commitment and creating a good team.

2. Creating a research plan

We have identified a number of subjects to research, and we need to explore your knowledge in these fields:

❏ Suitable land and ecosystems
❏ Blue economy & ZERI
❏ Upcycling
❏ The legal and cultural context
❏ Passive solar architecture
❏ Permaculture, agriculture, aquaponics and irrigation
❏ Business model generation
❏ Energy generation

Who should we talk to to learn more about this? Who in Europe could be interested in experimenting with us in these areas? What else should we look into?

3. Identify partners and tie connections

Who do you think we should talk to? What do we not know that we don’t know, but should? What kind of collaborations do you see that would benefit both Burning Land and our potential partners?

4. Business design

How can we sustain the future of Burning Land after establishment. Brainstorm with us! We are interested in any ideas and proposals. Our intention is to replace the current synopsis with a tight and ethical business plan.

5. Videography

We are currently looking for a videographer based in the Amsterdam area who can help us to shoot and edit a series of short videos explaining the dreams behind the project, the philosophy that fuels it and the progress we make.

6. Donate money

The project is running on a tight budget, which restricts our social reach, research abilities and possibilities to invest. The project will later start a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise a small part of the finances needed. Until then, bitcoins can be donated to our wallet at 1Q3X8qbBfwA7suyChrsUeFiLNC58qp8raL

7. Spread the word

To be able to establish to create the strongest possible group of inhabitants and the most meaningful connections and collaborations we need to reach both deep and wide into the community.  If the project appeals to you; please help us to reach the optimal audience by talking to others about the project, sharing our articles and blog posts and by liking our Facebook page.


If you are interested in taking part in any of these activities, or would like to propose other activities for the current phase of the project, contact us! The day-to-day activity list for the project can be accessed here.

For more information about the project; please take a look at the synopsis.




Listed below are the different fields of research in which the project is currently focusing it’s efforts. If you have suggestions on experts in these fields, interesting articles to read, opinions that you would like to air etc, please contact us at or via Facebook.
Suitable land and ecosystems

In order to identify the plot of land that will eventually host the settlement, the different ecosystems in the area will need to be known. What are the possibilities presented by the different ecosystems? What are the non-negotiable needs in order to create the kind of settlement we are striving for?

Permaculture, agriculture, aquaponics and irrigation

Closely related to the research field of suitable land and ecosystems. How can the land be used to its best potential with the least negative impact on the environment. Which kinds of circular systems can be implemented to reduce waste? By connecting the project to experts in these fields, existing knowledge can be leveraged instead of reinvented.

Blue economy & ZERI

In order for the settlement to eventually sustain itself with minimal ecological footprint, a business model based in Blue economy will be used. In order to design such a business model that has the best possible fit with the project as such; previous case studies will be reviewed, possibilities explored and different systems designed and tested in both theory and LEAN practice.


Closely connected to Blue economy; what is waste for others and a treasure for Burning Land? Can we create a solar powered recycling system for aluminium cans? What can be done with all the old car tires lying in piles around the country?

The legal and cultural context

How should Burning Land be registered? Is it a company? An NGO? Neither? What legal documents are needed to own land? What are the visa restrictions for non-EU members? How will we be perceived by our neighbours? This section will have to be broken down in great detail and will take a big chunk of the time set aside for research.

Energy generation & passive solar architecture

Many natural resources, like sun, wind and plants, can be transformed into energy in electrical or biological form. How can Burning Land become self-sufficient in the field of energy? How can we make the best use of the resources that we have access to? Passive solar architecture, in combination with upcycling initiatives, is a cheap way to harvest this energy. Look into how earthships and other passive solar buildings are constructed and what the energy ROI is in the long term. How can the energy be used most efficiently?

This text will be updated to cover the research findings in a concise and visual way.


Ten principles

How does Burning Land relate to the ten principles of Burning Man? I would like to think that the connections are quite natural and that the ten principles constitutes a good fundament for a life in closer connection with both the outer and inner world.
Radical self-expression

By nurturing the creative spirit and allowing ideas to expand rapidly, Burning Land is a strong proponent of self-expression. The general idea is to center around a shared purpose without deciding on a single method.

Radical self-reliance

The long term goal for Burning Land is to be self-sufficient in regards to food and energy production, and by doing so reducing reliance on society at large. There is however no intention to completely disconnect from society as we are all social beings. We might become self-reliant when it comes to water and food, but never when it comes to love and care.


As the creative projects undertaken in Burning Land will sprout on a do-ocratic basis there will always be openings for people to participate in both a small and big scale. The aim is to always have a multitude of projects running and to act as a catalyst in the community.


Burning Land is a cradle and catalyst for creative projects where we are striving to minimise the distance between an idea and first action. Building an environment that stimulates creation and allows ideas to grow is paramount.

Civic responsibility

Being a micronation does not separate Burning Land from the legal entities surrounding it. We will uphold the law and strive to nurture good communication with our neighbouring communities and ecosystems.

Communal effort

By being a catalyst of both creative endeavours and social connections, Burning Land will become a community hub that inspires collaboration and cooperation. The intention is to strengthen bonds within the existing community, not to distance ourselves from it.

Radical inclusion

By creating many different ways to participate in the projects there should be space to accommodate everyone who is interested. By doing this we can transcend racial and economical borders and prejudice.


Burning Land does not accept any corporate investment or sponsorship and advertisement. Furthermore, no inhabitant or project leader at Burning Land can hire any other individual to do the work, but involvement will always happen through inspiration and a sincere will to participate.


To begin with, Burning Land cannot come into being at all without gifts, support and donations from both within and from the outside of the community. The objective of the settlement is not to generate wealth, but to create a thriving society both within and outside. This is best done through gifts.

Leave no trace

Burning Land is aiming to work as closely in symmetry as possible with the local ecosystems. We are not striving to not leave trace at all, but to not leaving any destructive trace. Hence we are rather working towards increasing the quality of the immediate surroundings than to let them be. We are striving towards a minimal environmental footprint by utilising Blue economy thinking, upcycling waste and farm according to permaculture principles.



Project contributors

This is only a few of all those that have contributed to Burning Land so far with ideas, love, structuring, thoughts, late night chats, symbol refinements, knowledge, connections, problem solving and much more. And there’s always room for much more.

Alexander Bard


Philosopher and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Author of four cyberphilosophy books. Global burner and member of The Syntheist Movement. Friend and lover, and in that order.

Function: Philosopher
Location: Stockholm

Björn Westerberg Nauclér


Alchemist on a mission of combining dreams and elements to turn them into gold. Burner with more than one foot in every continent.

Function: Alchemist
Location: Cape Town

Hörður Ellert Ólafsson


I grew up in Iceland, an isolated island far up in the northern hemisphere. As long as I can remember, curiosity, trying out new things and exploring what life can offer has been a big part of my journey. I am a problem solver by nature and strive for design, development & aesthetics. For the last 10 years I have mainly been working within the fields of creativity & innovation.

Function: Curious connector
Location: Iceland

Michael Wilmarth


Writer. Musician. Sceptic.

Function: Content editor
Location: Seattle

Robert Senftleben


Still studying in Aarhus, Denmark, finishing my last year at the KaosPilots from august 2014. Love meaningmaking, storytelling and lecturing. Soil, Sun and Shit are the main ingredients in all our lives, and I love to work with all three of them.

Function: Meaningmaker
Location: Aarhus

Yuming Zeng


A Chinese guy who loves to experience different cultures and explore different things, and can sometimes be quite spontaneous.

Function: Fun seeker
Location: Riga